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Need to transform your corporate travel program?  How does leading-edge technology, dedicated service, and comprehensive reporting sound?  Orbitz for Business has your company’s travel goals—and your travelers’ needs—covered. 

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One size fits all may work for some travel management companies but Orbitz for Business isn’t just some travel management company. We’re corporate travelers who understand travelers’ real world needs and deliver results that are in sync with your business goals. We identify your specific travel program goals and design a customized program using technology and world-class services to fit your unique needs. We make it easy to manage your travel program your way.

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Strategic change management and upgraded travel technology gave this leading consulting agency the edge it needed to align travelers with an online program and achieve higher-than-expected savings.

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“Their transparent pricing model and easy-to-use online tools were refreshing. Ultimately, we selected Orbitz for Business because it was a full service agency with a cutting edge platform.”
– Leading Telecom Company